Push Panic

Version 1.3

Push Panic is one of the most insanely addictive and fun action-based Puzzle games available on the App Store. Do you prefer going for the gold in Classic Mode? Or Can you beat the high-score in one of the 3 additional modes without losing it? The choice is yours!

  • Super Addictive Gameplay & Amazing GFX!
  • 75 Different Levels of Classic Mode!
  • 3 Additional Game Modes with In-Game Live Online Rankings!
  • Game Center Achievements & Leaderboards

Use your own iTunes music to enjoy the Push Panic-experience even more. Just start your playtrack and play!

Achievements are all the hype, so we’ve made sure Push Panic includes some awesome achievements!

Hate not knowing how many points you need to advance in rank? Then you’ll love our Live Online Ranking system!

I realized I wasn’t just hooked; I was in love. Yes, Push Panic is that good.

4/5 - iFanzineiFanzine.com

Matching colors, toppling block towers, a drive for instant solutions -- it's like experiencing a first grader's night terror.

4/4 Must Have! - Nadia OxfordSlideToPlay.com

Push Panic is a perfect companion for those who want to blast away a few spare minutes or those who want to push the boundaries of their high-score skills; a great addition to anyone's collection.

5/5 Great! - Andrew NesvadbaAppspy.com

I mean come on, how much better can the app store possible get? It has Push Panic on its charts which gives a bunch of reasons for developers to start upping their standards of developing!

- NKATTIiPhoneAlley.com

Push Panic is among the system defining titles on the App Store.

Outstanding, Must Own! - Kyle Mackinnonssh-mon.com

Straightforward colour-matching mechanics, challenging modes, and excellent replay value make Push Panic highly recommended!

8/10 Silver Award! - Tracy EricksonPocketgamer.co.uk

I’m just going to play this for five more minutes then go to bed…oh, is it really 3am already? So sets the scene for Push Panic – a title that thoroughly deserves great fortune and success.

4/5 ADDICTIVE - Jennifer Allen148Apps.com

Push Panic is a puzzler so epically addictive it should come with a health warning attached. The adrenalized block busting action of Classic Mode is well worth the price-tag alone, but Barry Kostjens also throw in a number of bonus modes and a hefty dose of Game Center fun for good measure. An absolute must have for puzzle fans!

4/5 - iFanzineiFanzine.com
Short Overview of Push Panic

Tap the blocks as quickly as you can and remove them before they fill the screen! Link as many same colored blocks together as possible to score more points with massive combos. Random power-up blocks include chain-links that combine multiple color strings, point multipliers, time freezes, bombs, and a raise-the-bar blocks that give players more wiggle room.

Four exciting, fast-paced gameplay modes alter objectives and keep players in a frantically fun tizzy. Push Panic also uses a live ranking system which allows players to see how they stack up against the competition in real time.

How Push Panic Came To Be

After my release of iGangster, I learned more about coding and decided to develop a small test game to polish my skills. While I was coding this test game I thought of some mechanics that could be fun to play. I coded until I got a basic game which I then showed to my wife and friends. Most of the reactions were very positive and I decided to put some more work into it. The process went on for some weeks and I realized that I could make a great game out of this concept. That is how Push Panic was born.

I have been working on Push Panic since January 2010, first alpha testers where added in March 2010 and beta testers joined in April 2010. Ricardo also joined the project in April 2010. We have both learned a lot from this project, and it was huge fun developing it! We hope you guys like Push Panic as much as we do :)


Barry Kostjens & Ricardo de Zoete

About Barry Kostjens and Ricardo de Zoete

Barry Kostjens is an independent developer for iOS apps from the Netherlands. Prior to developing Push Panic, Barry developed iGangster, his first game for the iPhone platform, which was also featured by Apple. The success of iGangster seeded Barry’s dedication to learning more about Objective-C and coding, paving the way for the birth of Push Panic. In desperate need of a sophisticated graphics designer for Push Panic, Barry began searching on iPhone forums, where he found Ricardo de Zoete, who had the skills and knowledge in GFX to render the stunning graphics of Push Panic. Though the duo never met in person, they have joined together in a dynamic team to develop quality apps that paves the way for further creative innovations.

The Team

Push Panic Screenshots


Push Panic Launch Trailer

Push Panic 1.3

  • Re-release of Push Panic under my own name. Appular is quitting the publishing market so I had to move the game under my own account.

Push Panic 1.2

  • 25 Brand new levels!
  • Now a universal app!
  • OpenFeint Leaderboards/Achievements replaced by Game Center
  • Live Rankings load faster and are now based on Game Center
  • Twitter integrated. Tweet your scores!
  • 8 new achievements to unlock
  • Tweaked levels 1 to 35, 40 and 50
  • Exhilarating new background music
  • Updated menu background GFX
  • Added background particles
  • Faster loading screens
  • Icon changed a bit
  • Reduced memory usage
  • Small bug fixe

Push Panic 1.1.2

  • Level 36 was made easier as per numerous user requests

Push Panic 1.1.1

  • Lowered bronze scores of level 27 and 35
  • Fixed a live ranking bug
  • Minor bugfixes

Push Panic 1.1

  • Fixed level 35 crash bug
  • Fixed OpenFeint notification delay
  • Fixed pop up bug that crashed the game during agenda reminder
  • Fixed in-game volume settings
  • The select level screen now automatically shows the screen with the last unlocked level
  • Recoded the live ranking system, it now does background buffering
  • Redid most GFX formats, reducing loading times and memory usage while gaining performance!
  • Filesize is under 20MB now, allowing download / update over 3G
  • Removed delays when numerous blocks are removed at once
  • Lowered 'game over' text on classic mode, to view how many blocks were left

Push Panic 1.0.1

  • Fixed the medal scores in level 31

Push Panic 1.0

  • Initial Release
  • 50 Classic Levels
  • 3 Additional Game Modes with In-Game Live Online Rankings!
  • Retina Display Support
  • GameCenter Achievements & Leaderboards


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